We specialize in pool table moving, re-felting and restoration.Our goal is to safely move your slate pool table from point A to Point B and set it back up better than it was originally done. We carry full liability insurance and only send out professionally trained pool table mechanics. All our work is guaranteed





Florida Pool Table movers was set up to bring quality work at quality prices with a peace of mind for our customers.

3 piece slate pool tables should be completely disassembled before moved. This requires unbolting rails, gently removing the old felt so it can be reused, (many company’s will try upcharge for new felt), All slates and base will be marked so it goes back together the same way it came apart.

Once the pool table is in its new home we carefully level the base, Individually level all 3 pieces of slate, We use bees wax on the seems and then apply the felt and bolt the rails back on, our aim is to provide a more level and better playing table than before.

There are many companies and people working out of there trucks that offer this service and have no clue what it takes to put a pool table together the correct way, If you value your table then it might not be worth trying to save $50 by using someone that will never be seen again if a problem arises.

You know the old saying if its too good to be true!!!

We offer discounts on re-felting your pool table the same day of the move. You may just want to change the color or quality of the felt to match its new location? This requires notice, as we don’t carry all colors and brands on our trucks. We do many complicated moves which other company’s don’t want to touch.